“A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.” – Ovid

With the launch of the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ) at the end of last year, Malaysia’s e-commerce sector is booming at a rapid pace. Not only is the government fully behind this emerging business sector by providing the required infrastructure to support such ecosystem, but lucrative incentives are also presented to drive Malaysia’s e-commerce landscape in scale and scope to the next big stage. Multiple foreign entrepreneurs and business are now vying to have their brands and products penetrate Malaysia’s attractive online marketplace

So, let’s take a look at the top online marketplaces in Malaysia.

Monthly Traffic as of February 2018 was 45,000,000

Within seven years from the day of its inception, Lazada has become a household name in Malaysia’s online marketplace. Not only does Lazada has a significant presence in the SEA region, in countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, Lazada’s extraordinary growth had also caught the eye of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba who acquired a stake of its operations back in 2016.

Monthly Traffic as of February 2018 was 13,000,000

The 11street brand first launched in South Korea in 2008 and is currently a subsidiary of telco giants SK Telecom who entered into a joint venture with Malaysian telco behemoths Celcom Axiata in 2014 to have the 11street brand franchised into Malaysia. Despite the brand’s leading rank in South Korea’s online marketplace, it currently still trails behind Lazada in Malaysia and has a lot of catch up to do.

Monthly Traffic as of February 2018 was 12,500,000

Launched in 2015 by online gaming platform Garena, Shopee’s online marketplace shopping experience is targeted primarily at mobile users, by no means are regular web users neglected as well. Shopee’s platform currently covers a majority of the ASEAN region including Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and surprisingly outside of ASEAN, in Taiwan as well. It’s currently battling neck and neck with 11street for online market share in Malaysia.

Monthly Traffic as of February 2018 was 9,050,000

Despite being around the Malaysian e-commerce marketplace the earliest since 1998, Lelong has yet to translate its year of experience into becoming the dominant stakeholder in the Malaysian online marketplace. However, it’s worth noting that Lelong first started off as an auction website that later on diversified into the competitive general online marketplace.

Monthly Traffic as of February 2018 was 1,800,000

A majority of online shoppers would be shocked if they were to find out that operation of Qoo10 is a joint venture between eBay and Giosis. Before 2012, most of its online marketplaces in Southeast Asia were still operating under a popular South Korean e-commerce brand Gmarket which coincidently was procured by eBay previously as well. Despite being the dominant online marketplaces figure in Japan and Singapore, it’s currently far behind the competition in Malaysia.

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